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Lightsyde ver Revised Cowgirl by Lightsyde
Mature content
Lightsyde ver Revised Cowgirl :iconlightsyde:Lightsyde 22 2
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Ravage Chapter 1: Then
Long ago, in this land we call our home, a great battle was raged. Warriors fought with incredible powers, mountains crumbled, seas boiled, the light grabbed hold of the land, and the sky itself split open. But not in rage or fear, it did so to give birth to champions. From the mountains came the mighty Golem, from the sea the Leviathan, the light gave birth to a white king, and from the sky came The Fallen. Four warriors, four champions.
They fought together and contained the battles that raged across this land. They combined their powers and brought an age of calm. The White King was placed in charge of the land with his breathen as his knights. Peace reigned along with the king and all was well. That is, until the darkness over took the King's heart. He turned his back on his brothers and became mad with power, yet he still thirsted for more. He made his brothers and offer.
"Join me." He said. "And under my rule we shall make this world one of beauty and justice." Leviathan was t
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The Mist's Maiden Part 1
Lrrakla walked along with the caravan, the soft conversation of the maritarimorphs (mushroom people) were a comforting buzz in her ears as she continually scanned her surroundings. She had her hands slung behind her neck, her elbows up in the air, in a very casual pose, but her hand was very close to the hilt of her fish hook shaped sword. She was starting to get a little tenser as the journey continued. They had been followed at times. It didn't really make sense for the barbarians to attack this small shipment of rice. Her hair brushed against her hands. It wasn't normal hair as most people would think of it. Her hair was made up of layers of the fern like coral in all colors within her coral scheme, which consisted of blues, greens, and yellows. Lrrakla was a Korallimorph, or a coral person. She had coral formations growing out of her back, and coral growing over the top half of her right arm in a pattern that almost looked like a tattoo. Her eyes were a blue-green with specks of ye
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Wolf's Prey Chapter 14
Kiba, Akamaru, Chinatsu, and Sakura reached the village around sunrise. Their trip had been uneventful though every strange noise had Chinatsu flinching. Sakura went to meet with the head villager leaving Kiba and Chinatsu to rest. Before she had left she pulled Kiba aside.
“Calm her down,” she said simply.
Kiba had nodded but was now at a lost at how to do it. Chinatsu was nearby sitting on a stump. He walked up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist. She flinched at the contact before realizing who it was.
“It’s going to be ok Natsu,” Kiba whispered in her ear.
“What if it’s not?” she asked sadly. “I could never forgive myself if something happened to you, Akamaru or Sakura because of me.”
“Nothing will happen,” he assured.
She turned around to face him. “You can’t know that. He-“
She was cut off as Kiba kissed her.
“I will never let anything happen to you Natsu.”
Chinatsu smiled and le
:iconmyhiddenlove08:myhiddenlove08 5 9
My anime drawing by Sayuri-Suzuki My anime drawing :iconsayuri-suzuki:Sayuri-Suzuki 39 96
Heaven Sent
OK just so people don’t freak out when reading this! There are many spoilers in this!! And they are up to date!
ALSO, there is some language stuff that I don’t usually use so please don’t report or anything, I’m sure a lot of you have seen or heard worse…
And this isn’t a typical song fic ^^

You know, clubs are always a great place to take a date, you were right on that one. Especially if your date is as shy as my beautiful Hyuuga Hinata. A nice night club lets her feel free and brings out her wild side… well I wouldn’t say wild, but more outgoing side.
It last Friday night  and we were the last couple to get to the night club out of our group of friends, and immediately she went over to talk to the rest of the girls, which is fine cause I‘m not one of those crazy boyfriends that won‘t let their chick out of sight for one second, she can take care of herself-she is a trained assassin after all.
:iconbasketballgurl14:basketballgurl14 18 28
Boredom RP Get together
Me: Hey guys the rp rooms are dead and I’m CRAZY bored so I’m doing this to help you get to know my OC’s. There’s 4 of them as of right now. At least 4 that I rp with there are others that I’ve made for my fan fics. Ok first is Shizuka. She has 2 separate incarnations. One in Tityping and the other in CoM. In the Tityping rp she has strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes. She’s only 14 and is currently a genin. It’s actually been awhile since I rp’d her so I’ll move on to the CoM one. In CoM she has dark brown hair with chocolate brown eyes and is in her 20’s. I forget exactly how old she is. Say hi Shizuka.
Shizuka: Hey people. And Hidden I can’t believe you forgot how old I am. You created me….. I’m 24. And you missed a vital part about me.
Me: What’s that?
Shizuka: *smiles widely* I’m a vampire now.
Me: Oh yeah. Shizuka fell in love with a vampire named Sadao and was changed into a vampire.
Shizuka: *sweatdrop
:iconmyhiddenlove08:myhiddenlove08 2 11
WIP - Sasuken01 -  Copy Ninja by Lightsyde WIP - Sasuken01 - Copy Ninja :iconlightsyde:Lightsyde 115 830 Pizza Hut picture XD by myhiddenlove08 Pizza Hut picture XD :iconmyhiddenlove08:myhiddenlove08 3 7



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Journal time, huh?

I just

wanted to

tell you guys that....

I saw... something.... very.... interesting..... and that is.....

Oh? One thousand pageviews? What a shock. :chew:


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